CL-FTP Bugs Squashed

2015-Jun-03, Wednesday 06:28

One of the perks of being unemployed are that I have a reasonable amount of downtime again, so I've been spending some of it updating libraries which are under my care.

CL-FTP, which is pretty stable and incredibly niche (who uses FTP anymore, anyway?), has recently had a flurry of activity. Thanks to Kambiz Darabi for finding and fixing a bug related to :if-exists nil. Thanks also to Rafael Jesús Alcántara Pérez for improving ABCL compatibility.

CL-FTP is now at version 1.6, and includes both the above-mentioned bug fixes as well as:

  • Now available via the ASDF system name "CL-FTP", in addition to "FTP". The inconsistency between library name and system name bothered me, so now they're consistent.
  • No more docs hidden away in an LML file. The method docs have been moved into docstrings, which hopefully puts things a little closer to where they should be. (And hey, maybe they'll be picked up by quickdocs in the future.)
  • "active" FTP should actually work now. Turns out it's been broken for, uh, entirely too many years. It may or may not work depending on NATs and firewalls in between the client and the server, but the library itself should no longer be an issue.

In related news, a big thanks to Mariano Montone for his patches to burgled-batteries. You may be interested to check out his burgled-batteries.syntax project, which helps bridge the gap between what burgled-batteries actually is and the ambitious goals I have yet to get anywhere near.

(Why yes, I am still alive. Just very bad at writing lately. :'()

Much to my surprise, the FTP protocol has managed to not die yet, and I recently received a patch from Rafael Jesús Alcántara Pérez to get cl-ftp running on ABCL.

So thanks to Rafael's patch, I've finally taken the time to convert cl-ftp from darcs to git, and tossed it up on github like all the cool kids are doing these days. Supposedly it even now runs on ABCL.


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